Top 10 Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest Finalists Announced

BURBANK — Finalists have been announced in the Writers Store 8th Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest:

Top 10 Finalists:

  • Jason Holtham, “Killers Anonymous” New York, NY
  • Matt Williams, “Beyond Good and Evil” Centerville, OH
  • Robin Jensen, “Pulling Out All the Stops” Oakland, CA
  • Ben Gillman, “Three Seats at the Round Table” Hollywood, CA
  • David Kushner, “The Moral Code” Holland, PA
  • Odin Ozdil, “Shadow Road” Santa Monica, CA
  • Jeff Zuschlag, “Contracts” Los Angeles, CA
  • Benjamin Mair, “Ghosts of Tokyo”  Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia
  • Patrick Rockwell, “The Recruitment” Marietta, GA
  • Matt Altman, “The Assassination Game” Los Angeles, CA

Honorable Mentions:

  • Brendan Sevack, “Catalysis”
  • Normann Pokorny, “Iota”
  • Donald Copenhaver, “Sons of Adam”
  • Kurt Conety, “Bait and Bleed”
  • Rick McGovern, “Killing Field”

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